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Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast For Women

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How to Lose Weight Quickly For Women

If you are trying to find some excellent ways to reduce weight fast; kept reading, because I wish to share some wonderful ideas to help you shed a few pounds in no time at all.

It needs to be stated initially that reducing weight rapidly can sometimes be considered less healthy than slimming down slowly since your body has adjusted itself to your present weight and to lose rather a great deal of weight in a really brief duration of time can trigger you to become ill if done incorrectly. It is always suggested to consult your doctor and nutritional expert before commencing any exercise or diet strategy.

I also believe that your mindset is the most important element in this because often the challange is not losing the fat in a short time… It is keeping it off.

Having stated that – here are the top 10 considerations when looking at ways to drop weight quickly in the most healthy way.

 Dont Underestimate The Value Of The Correct Mindset

This is put first because it is the most important. It is THE reason for success and THE reason for failure. It is easy for everyone to take action when they are motivated but it is those people who take action even when they are not motivated that get the long term benefits. Here are some good tips on this front:

  • Write Proper Goals and make them specific, have a date attached, how you are going to get there and as a bonus add a reason to why you want to do it.
  • By the 10th of June I will lose 3 inches from my waist measurements, I will do this by following my home workout program, my diet plan, using the facebook support group and tracking my progress every week. One great benefit is that I will be able to fit into my old favourite dress in time for my cousin’s wedding.
  • Take Before Pictures that will keep you motivated – (especially if you are uncomfortable with how you look at the moment!) – no one needs to see it but you.
  • Make a long list of all the reasons that you want to lose weight
  • Track your progress along the way!
  • Dont keep your goals necessarily weight related only. Sometimes dress sizes are a bigger motivator.

Exercise (i know the title is obvious – but hear me out!)

The question will arise; what is the best exercise for women to lose weight – i suppose that depends on your objectives. There are many fitness programs out there that focus on all aspects from cardio to weights. Finding a balanced program that mixes things up is what can make things effective. You will find that there are exercises that last 20 mins or workouts that can last an hour. The truth is two fold – it is a question of consistency and nutrition that will make or break ANY workout routine. A 20 min workout that you do 5 days a week for 4 months is so much better than a 2 hour workout that you will give up on in a week. Find your sweet spot and make sure you commit to it.

The best weight loss programs for women realise that it is a case of making sure all the boxes are ticked, from a nutrition and an excercise stand point. Finding the right program is the key to losing weight fast for women. One such program for women is the Venus Factor, and on the site we have one of the best venus factor reviews around.

3 Find a suitable healthy diet

The correct diet combined with the right excercise is really key to fast results. Depending on the type of excercise program that you undertake can also help you determine what type of diet you should do. Lighter excercise will typically need a more restrictive diet.

If you want to lose weight extra quick why not even consider going Vegan? (at least for a couple of weeks) There is a reason why Beyonce, and many other stars have recently claimed that this is one of the best ways for women to lose weight (Usher and Ellen are huge fans of the health benefits too!). Meats and dairy put a little bit of a strain on your digestive tract and therefore going Vegan really helps get rid of the fat in a very short space of time.

The real secret to this is finding the right recipes – also consider taking out wheat too. Vegan with an avoidance of gluten can be very promising. Replace rice with quinoa and you could find the pounds shed faster than anything you have ever experienced. If you do go down this path for a temporary period, you should plan on a gradual phase out of the plan. Dont go Vegan for 3 weeks and then binge on burgers the next day!

Of course there are many other diet plans for women and this is just one that can help women slim down quickly. Just remember to avoid crash diets as these can be hazerdous to your health!


4 Listen to success stories

This not only has the added benefit of inspiring you but it also allows you to listen to people that have actually done it. Here is the reality – everyone is a know it all and everyone has advice- the people you should listen to are the people that have made it. Its like the saying goes – If you want to be a millionaire dont ask a bum on the street. In other words be weary of whose advice you follow! Listen to people that have done it… like this woman who lost quite a lot of fat and has a sort of entertaining video. (by the way, you should find what works for you – when you listen to a few people talk, you can mix and match bits of advice!)

Essentially the point is to motivate yourself. (Also see webmd’s 8 diet motivation tips)

5 Replace “white carbs” with healthy ones

Simple but terrific idea! I mentioned earlier that quinoa is a great replacement for white rice. It is also healthy for you, vegan and contains proteins. I personally am not a fan of eliminating the carbs, there are so many naturally good carbs out there you can find which will do the right job for you. However white bread – pasta etc are not some of them!


6 Choose healthy treats.

If you are one for snacking on chocolate, crisps, biscuits you have to find alternative healthy snacks. There is no have to provide up all of these snacks completely however they will be a major obstacle if you desire to reduce weight swiftly. Select snacks that have less fat and are healthy. Some ideas are:

Salad snacks

Nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews)

Fresh fruit

Oatcakes, digestives or crackers

Grain and breakfast bars

These are just a couple of ideas, you will have to experiment and see which treats are suitable for you.

7 Find a support group

Or just a friend! Company in your journey is a big part of the success path. Some weight loss programs have facebook support groups for this very purpose. Although if you can find friends or a partner it is just as effective if you all push each other.

8 Drink a full glass of water before each dish.

Water is an excellent hunger suppressant and consuming a glass prior to each meal will stop you from eating way too much. If you follow this insight and drink water routinely before your meals you will lose weight rapidly. Not just that however water is the healthiest beverage, it has no calories and it actually lubricates the within of your body so the more water you consume the better. All of us take water for provided however it’s an incredible beverage!

If you are looking for tips on how to lose weight quickly – this is one of the simplest. Dont drink the calories!


9 Find a complete A to Z weight loss program for women – (I know, i know… vague heading! Give me a second)

The reality of the situation is… if you want to lose weight in the quickest and most healthy/ efficient way possible and look your best, i would suggest working out AND eating well. Not just one or the other! If you are new to the whole diet thing and exercise thing and you start trying to combine one diet from this program with a workout from another program and supplements or pills from another program. Well who knows what the results that you will get are.

However if you take one weight loss program that has been designed for women, its diet has been designed to complement its workouts and the nutrition is in line with all other aspects of what your body needs, then you will see the maximum benefits. One example of a program like this that we have found for women is the venus factor and you will find a review on this website.